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Swing Mojo 2.0

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  • NEW and IMPROVED. New proprietary rubber composite material.
  • Baseball and Softball. Youth to MLB.
  • Patented, Next Generation air resistance bat speed training aid. Uses air to create resistance forces opposite the swing path. TYPICAL BAT SPEED GAINS 15-20% AFTER ONLY A FEW SWINGS.
  • Lightweight, one-piece, sturdy  construction.
  • No assembly required. Fits all bats. Up to 2-3/4″ barrel.
  • Quickly slides on/off bat…use to train, warm up, or on-deck.
  • Builds strong hands, wrists, forearms, core, and kinetic chain. INCREASES BAT SPEED, STRENGTH, POWER, AND EXIT VELOCITY. Swing into wind or air from a fan for even more resistance and strength gains.
  • Creates resistance only in the swing plane…which is ideal for resistance swing training. Unlike donuts, barrel weights, and weighted bats, does not create unwanted forces and hamper swing mechanics.
  • Fosters proper sequencing and swing mechanics. Fin design encourages “staying inside the ball” and helps to eliminate “casting.”
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 8″ x 8″    11 oz.
  • Invented by former U.S. Navy TOPGUN fighter pilot/ engineer/ college baseball player/coach/competitive softball player. See My Story
  • GUARANTEED to increase your bat speed!
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Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 in

The NEW and IMPROVED Swing Mojo 2.0

The world’s best bat speed trainer just got better! We’ve changed the material to a new proprietary rubber composite blend, which greatly improves its performance and durability.

Introducing Swing Mojo

Tony Ludovici, veteran U.S. Navy fighter pilot, baseball/softball player/coach, engineer, and inventor, presents and discusses Swing Mojo.

How to Use Swing Mojo…and More

Basics and tips to maximize your training benefits from using Swing Mojo.

Many scientific studies have proven that training with donuts, barrel weights, weighted bats, etc. DOES NOT increase swing speed, swing power, or exit velocity…

For years, we have known that warming up by adding weights to a bat results in slower bat speeds and is detrimental to proper swing mechanics. For the first time ever, here is a groundbreaking explanation as to Why Weighted Bat Speed Training Aids Don’t Work

Using air resistance swing speed trainers is the ONLY scientifically proven method to increase swing speed. However, not all air resistance swing speed trainers are equal…

Air resistance bat speed trainers are ideal because they provide resistance forces ONLY opposite the path of the bat barrel. Previous air resistance hitting training aids (i.e. devices using ONLY longitudinal fins or devices using a parachute or towel attached to the end of the bat), fail to build resistance forces early in the swing and provide optimal resistance only when the swinger is “casting,” and thus they encourage undesirable swing mechanics. Swing Mojo’s patented technology fixes that problem and is the ultimate hitting aid for improving bat speed and exit velocity


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Coach ‘Dickie’ Engle, Jupiter All Stars


“Swing Mojo is the best for improving bat speed.”

Ryan Harris, baseball/softball playe


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